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Table 3 Factors correlated to utilization of CPG on antimicrobial

From: Utilization of clinical practice guideline on antimicrobial in China: an exploratory survey on multilevel determinants

CharacteristicCorrelation coefficientP value
Individual level
Domain: Physician belief
  Attitude0.472< 0.001
  Subjective Norm0.535< 0.001
  Perceived Risk−0.322< 0.001
  Behavioral Intention0.644< 0.001
Domain: CPG traits
  Relative Advantage0.568< 0.001
  Ease of use0.543< 0.001
Domain: Hospital practice
  Top management support0.601< 0.001
  Organization & Implementation0.568< 0.001
Demographics characteristics
  Professional Title0.0510.143
  Years in Practice0.0810.021
Organizational level
  Hospital Rank−0.0200.565
  Region0.174< 0.001