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Table 3 Multilevel logistic regression for LP professional background; nurses versus doctors

From: The nature and activity of liaison mental services in acute hospital settings: a multi-site cross sectional study

VariablesOR(95% CI)p-value
Main clinical problem for contact
 Other (reference)1.0  
 Adjustment to illness0.7(0.4–1.4)0.33
 Medical unexplained symptoms0.3(0.1–0.7)<.001
 Psychiatric symptoms0.5(0.4–0.8)<.001
 Cognitive impairment0.6(0.4–1.0)0.07
 Acute behaviour disturbance0.3(0.2–0.6)<.001
 Alcohol and/or drugs1.6(0.9–2.7)0.13
Type of Intervention
 Other (reference)1.0  
 Assessment and diagnosis formulation0.9(0.7–1.3)0.75
 Providing advice/signposting1.2(0.8–1.7)0.34
 Management of risk0.8(0.5–1.1)0.17
 Assessment of mental capacity/MHA0.2(0.1–0.3)<.001
 Medication management0.2(0.1–0.3)<.001
 Management of disturbed behaviour0.9(0.5–1.5)0.59
Location of referral
 Other (reference)1.0