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Table 1 Example of the 4-column template populated with updates, ratings, and comments

From: Evaluating the feasibility of implementing a Telesleep pilot program using two-tiered external facilitation

Telehealth nurse shadowed a sleep physician+ 1Successful experience for nurses, who observed while sleep doc set up a new patient with PAPa in Sleep ClinicReported that small events like this help people start to think about the notion of “Telesleep”
Telesleep recruitment continues to be “slow”−2In wave 1, there were no “warm-hand offs” from Respiratory to Telehealth services following the protocol.The participant suggested that inertia was at play here, and that PAP technicians are somewhat resistant. All patients had to be called by Telehealth nurses
New PAP therapist is hired+ 2The new PAP therapist is currently working in sleep medicine and is being trained on the ResMed PAP machines.This participant anticipates that having a new therapist will boost enrollment in the pilot.
New note template in electronic health record system was confusing−2Telehealth nurses found the wording on the note to be confusing as did the sleep service and claimed this affected implementation.Although the note was initially confusing, it was revised with input until all users were satisfied. Future updates may be more positive.
  1. aPAP refers to positive airway pressure