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Table 4 Self-reported barriers to health care use among adults with probable depression in Sehore sub-district, 2013–2016

From: Health care use and treatment-seeking for depression symptoms in rural India: an exploratory cross-sectional analysis

BarrierNumber of adults with probable depression who reported barrier (%)
Fees are not affordable302 (54.3)
Services are too far away145a(52.3)
Services not currently needed172 (31.3)
Dislike taking medications178 (30.9)
Care received is not good enough148 (26.2)
Care providers do not understand my health problems135 (23.4)
They don’t have medicines I need95 (17.3)
They frequently run out of medicines81 (15.9)
Other reason56 (11.2)
Seeking some kinds of treatment can make me or my family feel embarrassed38 (8.1)
  1. All percentages are adjusted for the complex sampling strategy
  2. aonly measured in follow up round, so denominator was 279