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Table 2 Data Sources

From: Implementing continuity of midwife carer – just a friendly face? A realist evaluation

SourceNumberDatesType of data
Sources informing initial programme theories
 Published literature From Nov 2016Papers and reports
 Stakeholder interviews4 leaders at macro levelJune – Sept 2017Interview transcripts
 Baseline survey321 midwives respondedOct – Dec 2017Survey data including free text
 Participant observationsLocal and national eventsFrom Jan 2017Field notes
Sources for testing programme theories (in addition to above)
 Facilitated CMC Team Meetings12 meetingsDec 2018 - Aug 2019Field notes & summaries
 CMC team surveys15 (Team 1: 11 surveys, 50 responses; Team 2: 2 surveys, 18 responses)Jan -Sept 2019Quality improvement survey data
 Local implementation meetings Feb 2017 - Sept 2019Field notes
 National implementation and leader meetings May 2018 - Sept 2019Field notes
 Women receiving CMC from local teams89 womenFeb – Nov 2019Service evaluation questionnaire data including free text
 Wider workforce not in CMC team36 midwives: 12 community and 24 hospital basedFeb- March 2019Audit data
 Participant observationsNational stakeholder eventsMarch 2017 and May 2019Field notes
 One-to-one midwife interviews9 midwives: 4 leaders (3 not in health board); 2 in CMC teams; 3 in standard model.May – Aug 2019Interview transcripts