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Table 3 Practice of TBIC measures by the respondents (N = 200)

From: Knowledge and practices regarding tuberculosis infection control among nurses in Ibadan, south-west Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

SNPractice itemNever (1) n (%)Rarely (2) n (%)Sometimes (3) n (%)Often (4) n (%)Always (5) n (%)
1How frequently do you ask each patient when they enter the clinic, if they are coughing?11 (5.5)23 (11.5)30 (15.0)56 (28.0)80 (40.0)
2How frequently do you move coughing patients to wait at a nearby but separate waiting area?15 (7.5)43 (21.5)52 (26.0)37 (18.5)53 (26.5)
3How frequently do you instruct coughing patients to cover their mouth with tissues, handkerchiefs or their arm when coughing?3 (1.5)2 (1.0)15 (7.5)31 (15.5)149 (74.5)
4How frequently do you ensure that collection of sputum sample from a patient is done outdoors or in a separate, well-ventilated areas?9 (4.5)26 (13.0)46 (23.0)44 (22.0)75 (37.5)
5How frequently do you rapidly move a coughing patient to the front of the queue so he/she is attended to quickly to minimize the amount of time they spend in the clinic?7 (3.5)26 (13.0)39 (19.5)51 (25.5)77 (38.5)
6How frequently do you open windows in the patient waiting area or a room where a coughing patient is receiving attention (or check to see if they are open already)?3 (1.5)9 (4.5)12 (6.0)23 (11.5)153 (76.5)