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Table 3 Organizational motivating factors that influenced incident reporting

From: Practice, perceived barriers and motivating factors to medical-incident reporting: a cross-section survey of health care providers at Mbarara regional referral hospital, southwestern Uganda

The existence of a reporting system influences incident reporting90 (57.0)40 (25.3)22 (13.9)6 (3.8)
Presence of written guidelines promotes incident reporting in an organization95 (60.1)46 (29.1)13 (8.2)4 (2.5)
Practice of teamwork in a hospital promotes incident reporting101 (63.9)32 (20.3)17 (10.8)8 (5.1)
Accessibility to ward in-charges and administrators (open door policy) influences incident reporting115 (72.8)34 (21.6)5 (3.2)4 (2.5)
Practice of no blame approach to those who report incidents influences incident reporting110 (69.6)28 (17.7)11 (7.0)9 (5.7)
  1. SA Strongly Agree, A Agree, D Disagree, SD Strongly Disagree
  2. Bartlett’s test approx. Chi-square = 34.843; level of significance (probability value) = 0.000