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Table 5 Significance test of the mediating test

From: The influence of job satisfaction, resilience and work engagement on turnover intention among village doctors in China: a cross-sectional study

Model PathwaysEstimated95% CIHypothesis
Total effects
 Resilience ←Job satisfaction0.510.47–0.55 
 Work engagement ←Job satisfaction0.440.39–0.47 
 Turnover intention ←Job satisfaction−0.42(− 0.46)–(− 0.37) 
 Work engagement ←Resilience0.630.59–0.68 
 Turnover intention ←Resilience−0.06(− 0.11)–(− 0.01) 
 Turnover intention ←Work engagement−0.13(−0.19)–(− 0.07) 
Direct effects
 Resilience ←Job satisfaction0.510.47–0.552
 Work engagement ←Job satisfaction0.110.07–0.163
 Turnover intention ←Job satisfaction−0.37(−0.42)–(− 0.32)1
 Work engagement ←Resilience0.630.59–0.684
 Turnover intention ←Resilience0.03(−0.04)–0.095
 Turnover intention ←Work engagement−0.13(−0.19)–(− 0.07)6
Indirect effects
 Work engagement ←Job satisfaction0.320.29–0.36 
 Turnover intention ←Job satisfaction−0.04(−0.07)–(− 0.02) 
 Turnover intention ←Resilience−0.09(−0.12)–(− 0.04)