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Table 1 Application of CFIR Domains

From: What will it take? Using an implementation research framework to identify facilitators and barriers in implementing a school-based referral system for sexual health services

CFIR DomainDescription and application to current study
1. Intervention CharacteristicsIncludes characteristics of the referral system and their potential influence on implementation. Examples of constructs selected are: strength of evidence supporting the benefits of implementing an referral system in schools and perceived difficulty implementing referral system (complexity).
2. Outer SettingDescribes the school districts’ external political and social context through which implementation occurs.
3. Inner SettingIncludes the structural, political, and cultural context internally within the school district and school buildings.
4. Characteristics of IndividualsDescribes those who are involved in the referral system, such as school-building staff.
5. Process of ImplementationDescribes the referral system in its entirety from the planning stage, engaging staff and students, and evaluation.