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Table 2 Awareness, training and perception of fall-risk-increasing drugs and orthostatic drugs among the pharmacists

From: Pharmacists’ knowledge and counselling on fall risk increasing drugs in a tertiary teaching hospital in Nigeria

VariablesResponseFrequency (%)
Awareness of the list of FRIDs and ODs (n = 55)Yes22 (40.0)
No33 (60.0)
Sources of awareness of the list of FRIDs and ODs (n = 21)Drug leaflets6 (28.5)
Journal articles5 (23.8)
Textbooks5 (23.8)
Drug company presentations3 (14.3)
Colleagues1 (4.8)
Class lecture1 (4.8)
Previous training on FRIDs and ODs (n = 54)Yes5 (9.3)
No49 (90.7)
Place of previous training on FRIDs and ODs (n = 5)Pharmacy school3 (60.0)
Seminars1 (20.0)
Pharm D program1 (20.0)
Awareness of medications causing fall (n = 55)Yes50 (90.9)
No5 (9.1)
Awareness of medications causing orthostatic hypotension (n = 52)Yes47 (90.4)
No5 (9.6)
Pharmacists’ perception of patients benefiting from counselling on FRIDs and ODs (n = 54)Yes53 (98.1)
No1 (1.9)
Suggested measures for FRIDs and ODs sensitization (n = 49)Training through seminar presentation25 (51.0)
Continuous professional development9 (18.4)
List and colour code drugs in dispensary8 (16.3)
Bulletin provision4 (8.2)
Social media awareness2 (4.1)
Access to drug information services1 (2.0)
  1. FRIDs Fall-risk-increasing drugs, ODs Orthostatic drugs, n Number