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Table 1 Participant sample

From: Patient Centred Medical Home (PCMH) transitions in western Sydney, Australia: a qualitative study

Practice typeNumber of practice types in regionNumber of participating practicesNumber of individual participantsPractice size1 and SEIFA2 rank within Australia
Active PCMH practices88 practices8 practice principals (PP)
3 GP contractors (GPC)
4 practice managers (PM)
2 practice nurses (PN)
1 allied health practitioner (AH)
2 small; SEIFA 6;6
6 large; SEIFA 6;8;8;10;10;10
Former PCMH practices72 practices1 practice principal (PP)
1 GP contractor (GPC)
1 small; SEIFA 6
1 large; SEIFA 10
Integrated Care Program (ICP) practices60 (approx.)5 practices5 practice principals (PP)4 small; SEIFA 6;6;8;10
1 large; SEIFA 6
Non-PCMH (and Non-ICP) practices280 (approx.)5 high capacity (HC) practices 5 low capacity (LC) practices9 practice principals (PP) 1 practice manager (PM)8 small; SEIFA 6;6;6;6;6;10;10;10 2 large; SEIFA 6;6
  25 practices35 participants 
  1. 1Practice size: Small (S) = ≤5 GPs; Large (L) = ≥6
  2. 2SEIFA decile ranking of socio-economic advantage and disadvantage, with 10 being the most advantaged and 1 being the least