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Table 5 Summary of the additional costs involved in the use of vaccines containing whole-cell pertussis component (societal perspective)

From: Valuing the cost of improving Chilean primary vaccination: a cost minimization analysis of a hexavalent vaccine

VariableFirst doseSecond doseThird doseFourth doseTotal
HCP visits, hospitalizations and healthcare system costs788,905740,377674,001664,7232,868,006
Pocket expenses, private vaccine payment548,645548,645548,645548,6452,194,580
Transportations costs for adverse events46,08040,18221,00620,749128,016
Absenteeism for parents for adverse events686,022598,436317,221304,6661,906,345
Administration time for additional vaccine269,567269,567266,730263,5421,069,406
Distribution costs of additional vaccine35,56135,56135,18734,766141,075
Programmatic errors due to simultaneous vaccinationa129,767129,767129,767129,595518,896
Cold chain costs for additional vaccineb312031203120312012,480
  1. aFor example, administration of all required vaccines at any scheduled visit may not be strictly according to the national schedule due to limits in stock availability or parental decision, which necessitates additional visits to receive all required vaccines (with their associated costs)
  2. bBased on assumption of the volume of both schemes; considering that the size of vaccination cohort would be same for the hexavalent, as well as the pentavalent plus polio vaccine programs, then there would be a space reduction of 50% (1 vaccine versus 2 vaccines). The calculation of the cost of the square meter (cold chain pallet) was based on the additional square meters required for pentavalent plus polio vaccine program according to the Chilean cohort
  3. HCP Health Care Provider