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Table 1 Adverse event rates for vaccines containing whole-cell pertussis and acellular pertussis components [30]

From: Valuing the cost of improving Chilean primary vaccination: a cost minimization analysis of a hexavalent vaccine

Adverse Event1st Dose2nd Dose3rd Dose
Whole-cell vaccine (%)Acellular vaccine (%)Whole-cell vaccine (%)Acellular vaccine (%)Whole-cell vaccine (%)Acellular vaccine (%)
Fever between 100.1°-101 °F (37.8–38.38 °C)24.32.328.812.827.815.2
Fever between 101.1°-102 °F (38.39–38.89 °C)
Fever > 102 °F (> 38.9 °C)
Skin reddening (1-20 mm)40.813.541.624.144.425.8
Skin reddening (> 20 mm)
Edema (1-20 mm)23.27.526.616.530.114.4
Edema (> 20 mm)
Moderate pain17.62.312.
Severe pain9.706.103.80
Moderate irritation16.83.816.
Severe irritation3.
Use of anti-pyretics60.535.359.835.361.433.3
Reduced appetite19.57.516.54.514.312.1