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Table 7 Frequency distribution of health facilities performing selected output measuring items, West Gojjam Zone, May 2018

From: Quality of youth friendly sexual and reproductive health Services in West Gojjam Zone, north West Ethiopia: with special reference to the application of the Donabedian model

Selected interpersonal outcome measuring items related to communication, privacy, and confidentialityHealth facilities
Do you believe the information you provided kept in secret (confidential)?00
Did the provider take time to listen, do the necessary examination, and deliver the services?00
Did you find the health facility comfortable (location of the room)?527.7
Do you believe that others could not see your consultation with the care provider?527.7
Was she/he critical of any of your words or actions?633.3
Did the health-care provider listen to what you said with interest?844.4
Did the health-care provider treat you in a supportive and considerate manner?844.4
Do you believe that others could not hear your discussion with the health-care provider?844.4
Did you get medicines and supplies for you at this facility?18100
Will you recommend the health facility for others?316.7