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Table 6 Frequency distributionof health facilities performing selected process measuring items, West Gojjam Zone, May 2018

From: Quality of youth friendly sexual and reproductive health Services in West Gojjam Zone, north West Ethiopia: with special reference to the application of the Donabedian model

 Health Facilities
Selected items related to communication
 Did the service provider introduce himself/herself first to the adolescent?00
 Did the service provider use audio-visual material to explain anatomy, disease, or others, as relevant to the topic of the consultation?00
 Did the service provider check the adolescence client’s understanding of the information provided by asking probing questions?15.6
 Did the service provider listen with attention to what the client had to say?633.3
 Asked the adolescent questions about school, smoking, alcohol, or other substances?738,9
 Do physical examination (specific to the complaint)?1161.1
 Did the service provider explain the results of the physical examination of the client?844.4
 Provide accurate and precise information on the management/treatment options?422.2
 Ask the adolescent client’s permission before performing the examination/procedure?633.3
 Inform the adolescence client about the services available for him/her?738.9
 Talk about how to prevent diseases, and what to do to stay healthy?1055.6
 Provide accurate and precise information on the medical condition?422.2
 Asked the adolescent questions about sexual relationships?18100
Selected items related to privacy and confidentiality
 Did the provider mad an attempt to ensure both auditory and visual privacy (closed door)?527.8
 Did anyone present at all the time in the room during your consultation?316.7
 Did the service provider assure the client that no information will disclose to anyone?00
 Did anyone else enter the room during the consultation (multiple interruptions)?422.2