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Table 3 Frequency and percentage distribution of health facilities according to the Quality components in West Gojjam Zone, North West Ethiopia, May 2018

From: Quality of youth friendly sexual and reproductive health Services in West Gojjam Zone, north West Ethiopia: with special reference to the application of the Donabedian model

Quality componentsGood ( 75%)Medium (50–74%)Low (< 50%)
Input11 (61.1%)7 (38.9%)0 (0%)
Process0 (0.0%)4 (22.2%)14 (77.8%)
Outcome1 (5.6%)7 (38.9%)10 (55.6%)
Overall qualitya0 (0%)12 (66.7%)6 (33.3%)
  1. a Overall quality was calculated based on the status of the 3 components of quality of care