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Table 3 Process quality of care indicators of post-abortion care based on national PAC guidelines using women’s health records, nationally by facility type and PAC capability, Zimbabwe 2016

From: Evaluating the quality and coverage of post-abortion care in Zimbabwe: a cross-sectional study with a census of health facilities

Indicator of quality of PAC servicesTotalFacility TypeStructural PAC Capability
Weighted N1Weighted %Public primary health centersPublic referral hospitalsPrivate and NGO facilitiesBasic PAC capabilityComprehensive PAC capability
PAC procedure performed with appropriate technology 226025%30%24%30%35%18%
 First trimester318227%30%25%33%38%14%
 Second trimester47722%23%21%28%27%
PAC procedures performed by:
 Medical doctor96091%0%92%87%91%96%
 Nurse/midwife/clinical officer939%100%8%13%9%4%
Proportion of PAC patients who received contraceptive counseling at discharge5115494%100%94%92%92%97%
Of PAC patients counseled, the proportion who received modern contraception at discharge549143%61%39%61%42%34%
Of PAC patients who received modern contraception, the proportion who received:       
 Short-acting reversible contraceptive methods645492%100%94%82%91%94%
 Long-acting reversible methods or permanent methods7418%0%6%20%11%8%
Total number of PAC patients1302 441113145400257
  1. 1 There were 263 women missing on variable for PAC procedure and an additional 8 missing on the trimester variable; 249 women were missing on PAC provider variable; 72 women were missing on the contraceptive counseling variable
  2. 2 The WHO recommends misoprostol, manual vacuum aspiration (MVA), or electric vacuum aspiration (EVA) for first trimester procedures and dilatation and evacuation (D&E) and misoprostol for second trimester procedures. The denominator for this calculation is all PAC procedures performed as reported in the PMS
  3. 3 Of PAC patients who received the recommended first trimester procedure, 51% received MVA, 5% received EVA and 44% received misoprostol (at the national level)
  4. 4 Of PAC patients who received the recommended second trimester procedure, 39% received misoprostol, 14% received digital evacuation, and 47% received forceps evacuation (at the national level)
  5. 5 Out of all PAC patients who had been discharged at time of interview (25 PAC patients had not yet been discharged at time of interview)
  6. 6 Short acting reversible contraceptive methods include male condom, female condom, pills and injectables
  7. 7 Long acting reversible methods include IUD and implant. Permanent methods include female sterilization (no PAC patients’ partners received male sterilization at discharge). The sum of short acting and long acting methods may exceed 100% since patients may have received multiple methods