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Table 4 Psychological health outcome tools for person in need of care

From: Measuring the effectiveness of digital nursing technologies: development of a comprehensive digital nursing technology outcome framework based on a scoping review

NToolsMeasurement of:
1COOP/WONCA Mood scale [12]Mood
8GDS: Geriatric Depression Scale [47, 48, 58,59,60, 62, 69, 71]Depression
3CSDD: Cornell Scale for Symptoms of Depressions in Dementia [63, 74, 75]Depression
1PHQ-9: Patient Health Questionnaire (Depression) [52]Depression
1HAM-D: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale [47]Depression
1BDI: Beck Depression Inventory [47]Depression
1GDS-12R: Geriatric Depression Scale (residential) [76]Depression
4CMAI/CMAI-SF: Cohen-Mansfield-Agitation Inventory Instrument [67, 74, 77, 78]Agitation
2Raid: Rating Anxiety in Dementia Scale [60, 75]Anxiety
1BARS: Brief Agitation Rating Scale [77]Agitation
1BAI: Beck Anxiety Inventory [47]Anxiety
1Burn Specific Pain Anxiety Scale (BSPAS) [79]Anxiety
1AOL: Alertness Observation (check)-List [80]Alertness
1PSS: Perceived Stress Scale [47]Stress
1RAWS: Revised Algase Wandering Scales [60]Wandering
1APADEM-NH: Apathy scale [69]Apathy
1AI: Apathy Inventory [69]Apathy
1AES: Apathy Evaluation Scale [60]Apathy
1GSR: Galvanic skin Response (measuring emotional arousal) [75]Affect
1OERS: Observed Emotion Rating Scale [60]Affect
2UCLA: loneliness scale [52, 62]Loneliness
1DJGLS: De Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale [81]Loneliness
4NPI: Neuropsychiatric Inventory [47, 55, 61, 69]Psychological Symptoms
1OQ-45 -questionnaire (psychological patient progress) [52]Psychological Symptoms
1BNT: Boston Naming Test [48]Psychological Symptoms
1NPI-Q: Neuropsychiatric Inventory Questionnaire [74]Psychological Symptoms
1Pearlin Mastery Scale (psychological resources) [21]Psychological Resources
8MMSE: Mini-Mental State Examination [21, 47, 48, 58, 61, 63, 64, 69]Cognition
2TMT: Trail Making Test A/B (Visual attention and task switching) [47] [48]Cognition
1sMMSE: Severe Mini Mental State Examination [69]Cognition
1MoCA: Montreal Cognitive Assessment [47]Cognition
1FUCAS: Functional Cognitive Assessment Scale [47]Cognition
1CDT: Clock Drawing Test (cognitive impairment) [48]Cognition
1GDS* Global Deterioration Scale (cognitive function) [75]Cognition
1ACE-R: Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination-Revised [82]Cognition
2ROCF: Rey–Osterrieth complex figure (spatial visual construction and visual memory) [47, 48]Memory
2RAVLT: Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test [47, 48]Memory
1RBMT: Rivermead Behavioral Memory Test [47]Memory
1Digit Span Memory Test [48]Memory
1TEA: Test of Everyday Attention [47]Attention