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Table 2 Numerical analysis of outcome tools

From: Measuring the effectiveness of digital nursing technologies: development of a comprehensive digital nursing technology outcome framework based on a scoping review

Persons in need of careNFormal CaregiverNInformal CaregiverNHealthcare OrganisationN
Functional Health7(Job) Satisfaction1(Life) Satisfaction2Care Process Quality0
Physiological Health9Medical Health condition0Medical Health Condition Access to Care0
Psychological Health69Psychological Health3Psychological Health2Utilization of Services0
Social Condition0Professional Knowledge and Competences1Social Condition0Communication/Social Interaction4
Health Behaviour1Physical/ Psychological Workload2Living Conditions0Recruitment and Staffing0
Health Knowledge & Attitudes0Relationship to Person in Need of Care0Knowledge and Competences0Working Conditions0
Patient Safety0  Compliance0Operational Efficiency0
    Physical/ Psychological Workload0Financial Performance0
    Use of caregiving support0  
Overarching Concepts Overarching Concepts Overarching Concepts Overarching Concepts 
Well-being/ Quality of Life14Well-being/ Quality of Life0 0Hospital/Nursing Home Quality3
Health-related QOL7Health-related QOL1Well-being/ Quality of Life0  
Needs Assessment/ Fulfilled Needs3Caregiver Burden0Health-related QOL1  
    Caregiver Burden10  
Organisational Organisational     
Intensity of Service Utilization1Employee Satisfaction0    
Organisational Patient Safety Indicators2Professional Guideline Compliance0    
Patient Satisfaction3Impact on Workload0    
Intersectoral Continuity of Care0