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Table 1 Framework with overall results

From: Measuring the effectiveness of digital nursing technologies: development of a comprehensive digital nursing technology outcome framework based on a scoping review

Person in need of careNFormal CaregiverNInformal CaregiverNHealthcare OrganisationN
Functional Health16(Job) Satisfaction3(Life) Satisfaction2Care Process Quality21
Physiological Health11Medical Health condition0Medical Health Condition0Access to Care1
Psychosocial health33Psychosocial health0Psychosocial Health4Communication/Social Interaction15
Social Condition7Professional Knowledge and Competences2Social Condition3Recruitment and Staffing0
Health Behaviour5Physical/ Psychological Workload6Living Conditions2Working Conditions1
Health Knowledge & Attitudes3Relationship to Person in Need of Care7Knowledge and Competences0Operational Efficiency21
Patient Safety11  Compliance0Financial Performance4
    Physical/ Psychological Workload2  
    Use of caregiving support0  
Overarching Concepts Overarching Concepts Overarching Concepts Overarching Concepts 
Well-being/ Quality of Life17Well-being/ Quality of Life0  Hospital/Nursing Home Quality4
Health-related QOL13Health-related QOL0Well-being/ Quality of Life2  
Needs Assessment/ Fulfilled Needs3Caregiver Burden0Health-related QOL0  
    Caregiver Burden7  
Organisational Organisational     
Intensity of Service Utilization19Employee Satisfaction0    
Organisational Patient Safety Indicators18Professional Guideline Compliance7    
Patient Satisfaction6Impact on Workload2    
Intersectoral Continuity of Care1      
Total number of studies*77 20 10 45
  1. *the total number of studies is lower than the amount (n) of the outcome areas from the above table, as single studies contain aspects from multiple outcome areas