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Table 2 Items of the SOCAPO-E instrument based on community elements of social capital and intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC). Response options: “I strongly disagree” (1), “I somewhat disagree” (2), “I somewhat agree” (3), “I strongly agree” (4)

From: Measuring social capital of healthcare organizations reported by employees for creating positive workplaces - validation of the SOCAPO-E instrument

ItemCommunity elements of social capitalItems of the SOCAPO-E instrumentICC
Soccap1Mutual understandingIn our hospital, there is unity and agreement.0.059
Soccap2TrustIn our hospital, we trust one another.0.037
Soccap3We-feelingIn our hospital, there is a “we feeling” among the employees.0.068
Soccap4Warm circleIn our hospital, the work climate is good.0.061
Soccap5Mutual help & reciprocityIn our hospital, the willingness to help one another is great.0.076
Soccap6Common valuesIn our hospital, we share many common values.0.061