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Table 1 Profile of OVC

From: Understanding the association between caregiver sex and HIV infection among orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania: learning from the USAID Kizazi Kipya project

VariableNumber of OVC (n)Percent of OVC (%)
OVC HIV status
Caregiver sex
Caregiver age group (in years)
 Mean = 48.7, SD = 14.1, Median = 46, Min = 18, Max = 110
Caregiver marital status
 Married or living together17,83345.1
 Divorced or separated506112.8
 Never married (single)25846.5
Family size
 2–3 people944023.9
 4–13 people29,94475.7
 ≥ 14 people1940.5
Caregiver mentally or physically disabled?
OVC sex
OVC age group (in years)
 Mean = 10.9, SD = 5.0. Median = 11, Min = 0, Max = 19
Caregiver HIV status
Wealth Quintile
 Lowest (Q1)10,84227.4
 Highest (Q5)901922.8
Caregiver education
 Never attended767619.4
 Secondary or higher13333.4
OVC nutritional status (MUAC)
 Green (healthy)23,15658.5
 Yellow (moderately malnourished)14163.4
 Red (severely malnourished)1440.4
Household member(s) has health insurance card
Place of residence