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Table 2 Admissions and inpatient days, count and mean per patient

From: When patients decide the admission – a four year pre-post study of changes in admissions and inpatient days following patient controlled admission contracts

 Before PCA contract (24 months)After PCA contract (24 months)Difference in days
Type of wardAdmissionsaInpatient daysMean days / patient (SD)AdmissionsaInpatient daysMean days / patient (SD)DaysP-valueb
Acute ward6381514.3 (23.3)362183.8 (10.0)597< .001
High-security ward15279.2 (37.0)11983.5 (21.2)329.225
Addiction ward2330.6 (3.3)170.1 (0.9)26.285
CMHC ward (PCA excluded)1375797101.7 (81.1)54214237.6 (46.1)2226d< .001
PCA at CMHC ward 406142925.1 (24.4)
PCA request without admission 70   
Involuntary care17c4357.6 (28.3)14c3215.6 (26.6)114.397
Sum of admissions and days2037172125.8 (98.2)498399470.1 (62.8)3178< .001
  1. a For admissions with internal transfers between wards, only the initial ward is counted, while the days are allocated to the ward type where the patient stayed
  2. bP-values from Wilcoxon signed-rank tests
  3. c The number of admissions that included days under involuntary care
  4. d Difference between ordinary CMHC days before PCA contract and combined CMHC and PCA days after contract