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Table 1 Data Collection and Sources

From: Exploring hospital certification processes from the certification body’s perspective - a qualitative study

 Data collectionAuditorsLocation/organizationDuration
1. stageNon-participant observations of three separate conformity assessments (ISO 9001:2008 certifications)Auditor 1:
lead auditor (in training)
Clinic for internal service2 days (about 15 h.)
Auditor 2:
lead auditor (5–10 years auditor experience)
Full hospital3 days (about 22 h.)
Auditor 3:
lead auditor (independent subcontractor, > 20 years auditor experience)
Emergency department3 days (about 22 h.)
2. stageSemi-structured interviewsAuditors 1, 2 and 3Auditors 1 and 3:
The central office of the certification body
Auditor 2:
By telephone
45–75 min per interview