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Table 1 Comparison between EFC membership and utilizing EFC resources

From: Pilot implementation of elder-friendly care practices in acute care setting: a mixed methods study

QuestionsMember of EFC Change Team
n (%)
Non-member of EFC Change Team
n (%)
χ2 Statisticp-value
Have you accessed the online EFC Toolkit?
 Yes14 (41.2%)4 (17.4%)8.59< 0.01*
 No17 (50.0%)9 (39.1%)
 I don’t Know3 (8.8%)10 (43.5%)
Would you return and use the EFC Toolkit?
 Yes19 (70.4%)8 (44.4%)4.290.04*
 No1 (3.7%)0 (0.00%)
 I don’t Know7 (25.9%)10 (55.6%)
Would you recommend the EFC Toolkit to others?
 Yes19 (70.4%)5 (29.4%)7.06**0.01*
 No0 (0.00%)0 (0.00%)
 I don’t Know8 (29.6%)12 (70.6%)
Have you or your unit used EFC strategies to change your approach to caring for frail older patients
 Yes28 (93.3%)12 (70.6%)< 0.010.95
 No0 (0.00%)2 (11.8%)
 I don’t Know2 (6.70%)3 (17.6%)
  1. *Significant differences at 95% confidence level. **Pearson Chi-square test was used for comparison of this question as the ‘No’ responses were zero. For other questions, Chi-Square test for trend was used