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Table 3 Average potential years of life loss and expenditure survival ratio in patients with mental disorders, by the category of mental disorders (Descriptive statistics and GLM, N = 23,136)

From: Identification of psychiatric patients with high mortality and low medical utilization: a population-based propensity score-matched analysis

Category of mental disordersAge at diagnosisSurvival timeAge at deathYPLLExpenditure survival ratio
Affective disorders61.152.7263.8716.155411.26
Anxiety disorders63.913.3267.2312.791236.34
Substance use disorders51.383.0054.3825.642904.89
Other disorders71.902.6074.505.522307.80
  1. YPLL was calculated on the reference age of 80.02 years (LE) for the Taiwanese population in 2013.
  2. Expenditure survival ratio was estimated using multivariate GLM (P < 0.0001).