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Table 1 Criteria and sub-criteria established for haemodialysis treatment

From: Evaluation of dialysis centres: values and criteria of the stakeholders

Evidence-based variables Recommendation level 1 in GRADE clinical guidelines
Type of vascular access% of patients with functioning autologous vascular access
Dialysis dose% of patients with Kt/v > 1.4 (adequate dose)
Haemoglobin concentration% of patients with haemoglobin of 11–13 g/dl
Ratio of bacteraemia related to the catheter% of patients without bacteraemia in the unit in a period of one year
Mineral and bone disease% of patients with calcium 8.4–10 mg/dl and phosphorus 2.5–4.5 mg/dl
Morbidity, annual% of patients without hospitalization in a period of one year
Mortality, annual% survival in a period of one year
PROMs% of the SF-36 quality of life survey (MCS and PCS)
PREMs% of DCQ satisfaction survey
  1. PROM patient reported outcome measure, PREM patient reported experience measure, GRADE grading of recommendations assessment, development, and evaluation, Kt/v: dialysis adequacy was calculated with the single pool Daugirdas II method, MCS Mental component summary from SF-36, PCS Physical component summary from SF-36, DCQ quality of care in Dialysis Centre Questionnaire