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Table 3 Demographic Characteristics of All Participants (SG and CG)

From: Neonatal care and community-level treatment seeking for possible severe bacterial infection (PSBI) in Amhara, Ethiopia

 % (N)Median (Range)
Number of Family Members  4 (3–10)
Age (years)  28 (18–54)
Last Year of Formal SchoolingNo Formal Education49% (25) 
Primary Education37% (19) 
Secondary Education12% (6) 
Degree or higher (bachelors and/or post-graduate)2% (1) 
OccupationMerchant/Petty trade43% (22) 
Agriculture43% (21) 
Skilled Labor14% (7) 
Unskilled Labor14% (7) 
Housewife25% (13) 
Other: Student3.9% (2) 
Professional/Technical/Managerial2% (1) 
EthnicityAmhara100% (51) 
ReligionChristian (Orthodox)100% (51) 
Annual Household Income  14,400 birr (495 USD)
Number of Live Births  2 (1–8)
Number of Living Children  2 (1–8)
TOTAL (N = 51)   
  1. (a) Number of family members, Age (years), Annual Household Income, Number of Live Births and Number of Living Children reported in median and range values. Occupation responses were not mutually exclusive, some participants reported having more than one occupation. (b) Median (Range) is an absolute range