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Table 6 Factors associated with satisfaction of partners at UOGRH from Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 (N = 294)

From: Maternal and partner’s level of satisfaction on the delivery room service in University of Gondar Referral Hospital, northwest, Ethiopia: a comparative cross-sectional study

VariablesOdds RatioStd. Err.ZP > z[95% CI]
Age of partners0.1610.092−3.190.001***0.0530.496
Marital status of partners0.5400.321−1.040.3000.1681.730
Religion of partners3.5841.2773.580.000***1.7837.205
Occupational status of partners0.0270.030−3.250.001***0.0030.239
Average monthly income (ETB)0.9950.000−2.560.010**0.9940.999
Service paid (ETB)2.871.4472.090.037**1.0687.714
Visiting mode of his wife/attendant0.0820.060−3.410.001***0.0190.346
Waiting time before seeing a doctor or a nurse his wife/attendant0.1210.062−4.090.000***0.0440.333
privacy during examinations10.6116.8383.670.000***3.00137.524
Number of parity83.74584.3064.400.000***11.642602.369
Mode of delivery of his wife7.68953.6904.250.000***3.00119.696
maternal condition after delivery.97789.5232−0.040.967.342622.7910
Fatal outcome.00324.01213−1.530.1252.13e-064.9480
  1. *** = variables significant at the 0.01 level
  2. ** = variables significant at the 0.05 level