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Table 5 Factors associated with satisfaction of mothers at University of Gondar referral hospital from Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 (n = 294)

From: Maternal and partner’s level of satisfaction on the delivery room service in University of Gondar Referral Hospital, northwest, Ethiopia: a comparative cross-sectional study

Variable’sORSE.ZP > z[95% Conf. Interval]
Age of Mothers’0.3610.128−2.860.004**0.1800.725
Educational status of Mothers11.7515.791.830.0670.843163.78
Occupation status of Mothers47.1431.435.780.000***12.761174.20
Religion of Mother3.1431.1683.080.002**1.5176.511
Average monthly income (ETB)0.369.3913−0.940.3470.0462.946
Amount paid to the service (ETB)2.7561.7311.610.1060.8049.438
Perceived presence of waiting area0.017.0147−4.820.0001***0.0030.091
Visiting mode0.012.0122−4.570.000***0.0010.083
Waiting time before seeing a doctor or a nurse0.110.0707−3.450.001***0.0320.387
Privacy during examinations67.49120.02.370.018**2.0682202.4
Number of parity162.2165.05.000.0001***22.1121190.8
Pregnancy status0.0440.045−3.040.002**0.0060.330
Mode of delivery2.4581.2281.800.0720.9236.547
Immediate maternal condition after delivery0.5790.439−0.720.4720.1312.564
Fatal outcome0.0010.003−3.310.001***0.0000.074
  1. *** = variables significant at the 0.01 level
  2. ** = variables significant at the 0.05 level