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Table 3 Error rates of concerning STAR variables at one month post go live of the database

From: Experience gained from the implementation of the Saudi TraumA Registry (STAR)

 n% unknown% anomalous/mismatched% total errors
Full name18034.830.004.83
Age at event18030.000.220.22
Injury date & time18030.001.391.39
Event description18030.0010.4310.43
Cause of injury18030.6714.0314.70
Description if Cause is Other90.0077.7877.78
Injury type18030.061.551.61
Description if type is Other20.000.000.00
Injury intent18030.441.111.55
Place of injury180325.510.2225.73
Description if Place is Other955.5611.1166.67
Activity at time of injury180349.140.0049.14
Activity description if Other771.4314.2985.72
? Traffic event (activates counterpart fiels)18030.0010.6510.65
Traffic counterpart7267.710.147.85
Geographical location of injury18035.058.9313.98
AIS codes3479N/A7.707.70
Operation codes891N/A66.7866.78