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Table 3 Indirect and direct effects of explanatory variables on response variables (N = 300)

From: Paediatric nurses’ general self-efficacy, perceived organizational support and perceived professional benefits from Class A tertiary hospitals in Jilin province of China: the mediating effect of nursing practice environment

Structural PathNon-standardized CoefficientsStandard CoefficientsP95% CI
Direct effects
 POS → NPE0.6770.4300.0000.497 to 0.857
 POS → NPPB0.6400.4910.0000.514 to 0.765
 NPE → NPPB0.2570.3100.0000.177 to 0.366
 GSE → NPE0.4300.2090.0000.195 to 0.665
Indirect effects
 POS → NPPB0.1740.1330.000
 GSE → NPPB0.1110.0650.000
  1. POS Perceived organizational support, GSE General self-efficacy, NPE Nursing practice environment, NPPB Nurse’s perceived professional benefits. Arrow direction(→) represents the effects of the explanatory variables on the response variables. Indirect effects:0.174(POS→NPPB) = 0.677 × 0.257; Indirect effects 0.111(GSE→NPPB) = 0.430 × 0.257