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Table 2 Definition of each dimension in access to health care

From: Maternal, neonatal, and child health systems under rapid urbanization: a qualitative study in a suburban district in Vietnam

Provider sideApproachability“It is the ability when facing health needs to identify some form of services exists, can be reached, and have an important on the health of individuals.”
Acceptability“It is the possibility for people to accept the aspects of the service in cultural and social context and the judged appropriateness for the person to seek care.”
Availability and accommodation“Health services can be reached both physically and in a timely manner. It results from health facilities, urban contexts, individuals, characteristics of providers, modes of provision of services and so on.”
Affordability“It is the economic capacity to consume resources and time for people to utilize appropriate services.”
Appropriateness“It is the adequacy of service and client’s needs, its timeliness, and the expense of care in assessing health problems and deciding the appropriate treatment and technical and interpersonal quality of the health care services.”
User sideAbility to perceive“Perceiving needs for care is important and it can be determined by factors such as health literacy, knowledge about health and beliefs related to health and sickness.”
Ability to seek“It is related to the concept of personal autonomy and capacity to choose the seek care, knowledge about health care options and individual rights that would determine to express the intention to obtain health care.”
Ability to reach“It is the personal mobility and availability of transportation, occupational flexibility, and knowledge about health services which would enable one person to physically reach service providers.”
Ability to pay“It is the ability to create economic resources to provide health care services without catastrophic expenditure required for basic necessities.”
Ability to engage“It is client involvement and participation in decision-making and treatment decisions, which is strongly determined by the ability and motivation to participate in care and commit to its completion.”
  1. Note: All the definitions were from Levesque et al. (2013)