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Table 3 Provider Perspectives on Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination

From: Understanding primary care providers’ perceptions of cancer prevention and screening in a predominantly rural healthcare system in the upper Midwest

When you talk to patients about HPV vaccination, how often do you encounter the following?Response Options
n (%)
n (%)
n (%)
n (%)
Not having enough time to discuss HPV vaccination with my patients1465 (3)19 (13)92 (63)30 (21)
Patients who do not want to discuss HPV vaccination1461 (1)34 (23)100 (68)11 (8)
Patients who are unaware of HPV vaccination1451 (1)19 (13)111 (77)14 (10)
Patients who do not perceive HPV as a serious health threat1434 (3)63 (44)70 (49)6 (4)