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Table 4 Distribution of health worker characteristics, training and education by type of health facility

From: Assessment of facility and health worker readiness to provide quality antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care in rural Southern Nepal

CharacteristicsDistrict Hospital (%) N = 11PHCC (%) N = 13HP (%) N = 33Private (%) N = 6Total (%) N = 63
Health Worker Cadre
 Sr. ANM/ANM27.392.310010085.7
 Sr. Staff Nurse/Nurse63.67.70012.7
 Medical Doctor9.10001.6
Age of respondent
 18–25 years9.123.139.416.728.6
 26–30 years54.523.124.216.728.6
 31–35 years9.115.418.2014.3
 36–40 years18.215.412.15017.5
  > 40 years9.
Median (years)27 years34 years28 years37.5 years29 years
Highest Professional/Technical/Medical Qualification*
 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) with OB/GYN diploma9.10001.6
 BSc Nursing/ Bachelor in Nursing/Bachelor in Health Education27.315.43.009.5
 Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nurse36.423.118.2020.6
 Senior ANM training015.4003.2
 ANM training27.346.275.810063.5
 MCHW training003.001.6
Completion of highest level of training year
 Before 20009.
Median yearYear 2013Year 2010Year 2010Year 2002Year 2010
SBA additional training
  1. *Fishers exact test p-value < 0.05