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Table 3 Facilities with available supplies and medicines to delivery quality services by health facility type (n)

From: Assessment of facility and health worker readiness to provide quality antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care in rural Southern Nepal

  1. Cells are colored according to the number of facilities within each type of health facility having the required supplies and medicines with red indicating availability in none of the facility, yellow indicating availability in half or more than half the facilities, orange indicating availability in less than half the facilities, and green indicating availability in all the facilities
  2. 1 Needle and syringe, IV solution with infusion set (IV cannula), injectable oxytocin, and perineal/vaginal/cervical repair set located in the pharmacy or delivery room
  3. 2 Injectable anticonvulsants (magnesium sulfate) and antibiotic (ampicillin or gentamycin) in delivery room or pharmacy
  4. 3 A working indicator to indicate when sterilization is complete for either the electric or non-electric autoclave with heat source OR a non-electric pot with cover with heat source
  5. 4 Soap, water, disinfecting solution, puncture proof container, and clean& sterile gloves
  6. 5 Guidelines, blank partographs, and provider on site or on call 24 h a day