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Table 4 Mean difference in the number of prescribed medicines, duration of illness and medication adherence scores at baseline among intervention and comparison group subjects enrolled for secondary prevention of CVDs

From: Task shifting of cardiovascular risk assessment and communication by nurses for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in a tertiary health care setting of Northern India

S.NoVariableIntervention group
n = 250
Comparison group
n = 250
Mean difference95%CIof mean differencet statisticsP value
1.Mean number of prescribed medicines (±1 SD)3.81 ± 1.153.78 ± 1.140.03−0.16,0.230.310.74
2.Mean duration of illness (years)3.16 ± 3.423.42 ± 4.240.25−0.97,0.450.710.47
3.Mean medication adherence scores (MMAS-8)6.12 ± 1.916.12 ± 1.930.01−0.31,0.350.110.82