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Table 2 Proportion of observed and perpetrated abuse past year, as reported by nursing staff (N = 3693)

From: Elder abuse in Norwegian nursing homes: a cross-sectional exploratory study

Type of abuse:Observed (%):Perpetrated (%):
NNeverOnce2–5 times6–10 times> 10 timesNNeverOnce2–5 times6–10 times> 10 times
Psychological abuseYelling at a resident362151.315.
Making nasty remarks to a resident360979.
Swearing at a resident363288.
Making humiliating remarks to a resident359081.
Arguing with a resident361163.
Making threatening remarks to a resident361593.
Making critical remarks to a resident361578.
Threatening to stop taking care of a resident364387.
Physical abusePushing, grabbing, or pinching a resident359987.
Pulling hair or kicking a resident360899.
Hurting a resident on purpose361199.
Throwing things at a resident361199.
Hitting a resident361199.
Bullying a resident360696.
Behaving aggressively towards a resident361091.
Not giving needed medication on purpose to a resident364098.
Giving more medication than needed on purpose to a resident363696.
Deliberately delaying giving medication(s) to a resident362695.
Financial/material abuseStealing money from a resident361599.
Stealing things from a resident361999.
Signing documents without permission from a resident361799.
Destroying things that belong to a resident without permission361699.
Sexual abuseUnwelcome touching of a resident361799.
Unwelcome discussion of sexual activity with a resident361598.
Exposure of a residents private-body parts to embarrass them361099.
Digital penetration (e.g. finger) of a resident36131003622100
Rape of a resident36141003618100
NeglectNot giving food on purpose to a resident363896.
Not giving fluid on purpose to a resident364697.
Delaying care of a resident364370.77.614.73.03.9362280.
Ignoring a resident362664.98.317.64.44.9361374.78.311.92.33.0
Not treating a resident’s wounds carefully enough362890.
Neglecting oral care of a resident360864.
Not changing diapers on a resident362781.
Prohibiting a resident from using the alarm363879.