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Table 1 Draft Medline search strategy used to identify relevant articles on culturally responsive communication

From: Exploring the incidence of culturally responsive communication in Australian healthcare: the first rapid review on this concept

1(cultur* adj3 (competen* or communicat*)).mp. or Culturally Competent Care/ or Culture/ [mp = title, abstract, original title, name of substance word, subject heading word, floating sub-heading word, keyword heading word, protocol supplementary concept word, rare disease supplementary concept word, unique identifier, synonyms]
2Cultural Competency/
31 or 2
4Occupational Therapy/
5Occupational Therapists/
6Nursing Care/ or Nursing Staff, Hospital/ or Nursing/
7Allied Health Personnel/ or health services/
8allied health occupations/ or occupational therapy/ or physical therapy specialty/ or speech-language pathology/
9(nurs* or doctor* or midwife or midwives or allied health or aged care worker* or health worker* or health employee* or health personnel or health professional* or OT or occupational therap* or physiotherap* or dietitian* or nutritionist* or podiatrist* or radiographer* or speech pathologist* or physical therapist* or dental therapist* or social worker* or psychologist* or sonographer* or rehabilitation counsellor* or perfusionist* or osteopath or exercise physiologist* or genetic counsellor* or audiologist* or Orthoptist* or Orthotist* or prosthetist* or Counsellor* or Pathologist* or oral health therapist* or physician*).tw,kw.
104 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9
113 and 10
12australia*.mp. or exp. AUSTRALIA/
1311 and 12
14limit 13 to yr = “2008 -Current”