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Table 1 Site, time and characteristics of the persons involved in the aggressive incidents (n = 320)

From: Characteristics of aggressive incidents in emergency primary health care described by the Staff Observation Aggression Scale – Revised Emergency (SOAS-RE)

Time of incident
 Day of week
  Monday - Friday20162.8
  Saturday - Sunday/public holidays11937.2
Characteristics of health worker involved
  21–30 years13144.4
  31–40 years9833.2
  41–50 years4013.6
  > 51268.8
Characteristics of aggressor
  Several aggressors51.9
 Relation to health service
  Next of kin4415.0
  Both patient and next of kin31.0
  1. aDue to missing data on some items, it does not add up to the total of 320