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Table 2 Questionnaire to practitioners for evaluation of the patient education booklet

From: Transcultural adaption and preliminary evaluation of “understanding low back pain” patient education booklet

Questions for practitioners
Usability of the booklet
1. Which factors facilitated or complicated the use of the booklet during the appointment? (open answer)
2. How could the booklet be further improved? (open answer)
Issues with medical imaging
3. Which factors influenced (facilitated or complicated) the application of imaging guidelines during the appointment? (open answer)
4. Did the booklet influence your initial imaging plan or was it easier to carry out because of the booklet? (open answer)
Useful and un useful elements of the booklet
5. Which elements of the booklet did you find particularly useful during the appointment? (open answer)
6. Which elements of the booklet did you not find useful? (open answer)
Likert scale questions, answer options: 1) disagree completely 2) disagree to some extent, 3) not agree or disagree, 4) agree to some extent, and 5) agree completely
7. The booklet helps me to inform the patient about LBP.
8. The booklet helps me to adhere to imaging guidelines.
9. The booklet makes the appointment more laborious
10. I believe that I will use the booklet in future appointments concerning LBP patients.
11. The booklet aids in giving instructions to patients.