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Table 4 Association between utilisation of general rehabilitation services and nationality in employees with migrant background

From: Utilisation of rehabilitation services for non-migrant and migrant groups of higher working age in Germany – results of the lidA cohort study

 Model 0Model 1aModel 2bModel 3cReductiond (%)
Rehabilitation services in general (n=1148/ nevents=143)
 OR (95%-CI)
  German EMBRef.Ref.Ref.Ref. 
  Foreign EMB0.88 (0.57-1.36)0.87 (0.57-1.35)0.86 (0.55-1.35)0.91 (0.57-1.46)-3.41
  German EMBRef.Ref.Ref.Ref. 
  Foreign EMB-0.0141-0.0147-0.0166-0.010525.53
  1. OR Odds Ratio, CI confidence interval, Ref. reference, AME Average marginal effect, R2 Nagelkerke pseudo-R2
  2. a adjusted for year of birth, sex, and occupational class
  3. b further adjusted for the quality of leadership, influence at work, work-privacy conflict, work stress (ERI), and phys. environmental and burdensome factors
  4. c further adjusted for self-rated health and language at home
  5. d reduction of effect size between model 0 and 3