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Table 5 Sensitivity analyses

From: Optimising clinical effectiveness and quality along the atrial fibrillation anticoagulation pathway: an economic analysis

AnalysisCost difference vs. current practice (£)QALY difference vs. current practiceICER for ‘redesigned treatment pathway’ (cost per QALY gained) (£)
Base-case result−13970.01Dominant
Sensitivity analysis
 Probability of taking warfarin with current practice (base-case 0.4)
  0.1− 3285−0.0842,040a
 Reduction in probability of having moderate sensitivity in redesigned pathway (base-case 0.27) (increasing probability of having normal sensitivity)
  0.20− 16930.03Dominant
  0− 23220.06Dominant
 Increase in probability of having major sensitivity in redesigned pathway (base-case 0.07)
  0.15− 10810.02Dominant
 Decrease in probability of taking warfarin if normal sensitivity in redesigned pathway (base-case 0.9)
  1. aICER for current practice