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Table 3 Reasons for not offering HIV screening and testing and preferences for training and intervention, Transylvania and Moldavia Clinical Provider Assessment, 2017

From: Attitudes, practices, and priority of HIV screening and testing among clinical providers in Transylvania and Moldavia, Romania

Reason indicated for not screening and testing (among participants indicating they did not screen at least one group)n (%)
(n = 51)
It is not my responsibility17 (33.3)
I don’t think all my patients are at risk4 (7.8)
I feel uncomfortable asking some patients3 (5.9)
I don’t think there is a good reason to screen1 (2.0)
I need training in HIV testing6 (11.8)
The organization I work for does not require that I do it17 (33.3)
There are barriers in my organization that prevent me from doing so6 (11.8)
What would help you recommend HIV testing to all your patients?
 More justification for why it is important14 (27.5)
 Training in HIV testing19 (37.3)
 Training in how to ask patients16 (31.4)