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Table 1 A summary of characteristics of the reviewed articles and their reference to the selected countries

From: Barriers and facilitators to healthcare access for children with disabilities in low and middle income sub-Saharan African countries: a scoping review

Study Year Study Design n Diagnosis Country Barriers Present Facilitators Present
Tekola et al. [25] 2016 Qualitative 10 Autism Ethiopia
Tilahun et al. [13] 2016 Qualitative 102 Autism, Intellectual disability Ethiopia
Shibre et al. [12] 2001 Quantitative 178 Schizophrenia Affective disorder Ethiopia  
Miftah et al. [11] 2017 Mixed method 104 Mental Health Ethiopia
Finkenflugel et al. [14] 1996 Qualitative 75 Neurological: Cerebral palsy Zimbabwe
Nota et al. [15] 2015 Qualitative 40 Neurological and Orthopedic Zimbabwe
Paget et al. [17] 2016 Qualitative 24 Neurodisability Malawi
Devendra et al. [16] 2013 Mixed method 296 Vision, Hearing, Physical, Learning, Seizure Malawi  
Bayat [19] 2014 Qualitative 65 Developmental Cote d’Ivoire  
Alloh et al. [18] 2009 Mixed 8 Psychomotor Cote d’Ivoire
Yousafzai et al. 2005 Qualitative 123 Deaf, Blind, Physical
Uganda and Rwanda  
Bannink et al. [21] 2015 Qualitative 178 Spina Bifida
Bunning et al. [22] 2014 Mixed method N/A Varied Kenya
Magnussen et al. [23] 2011 Qualitative 29 Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy
Hydrocephalus, Congenital limb, Seeing, Hearing, Developmental, Down syndrome
Ogunkeyede et al. [24] 2017 Mixed method 155 Hearing impairment Nigeria