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Table 5 Estimates of factor loadings from CFA models (missing casewise data). Model 1 is the original model using Maximum Likelihood method (ML), Model 2 is the modified model (ML) and Bayes Model 1 is Model 1 estimated using the Bayesian method

From: Psychometric properties of an instrument measuring communication within and between the professional groups licensed practical nurses and registered nurses in anaesthetic clinics

Factor loadingsModel 1Model 2Bayes Model1*
ICU 10.9150.9150.902
ICU 31.0001.0001.000
ICU 50.6470.6500.633
ICU 80.8850.8880.868
ICU 10 RN LPN0.9830.9840.979
ICU 12 RN LPN1.1391.1401.129
ICU 14 RN LPN1.0001.0001.000
ICU 17 RN LPN1.1181.1181.109
ICU 20.9070.8570.901
ICU 41.0001.0001.000
ICU 70.6850.6720.691
ICU 90.8340.8080.844
ICU 11 RN LPN1.4511.4111.428
ICU 13 RN LPN1.3411.3171.327
ICU 18 RN LPN1.0001.0001.000
ICU 280.8820.8830.874
ICU 291.0001.0001.000
ICU 310.5390.5400.530
  1. aConvergence was achieved after 500 so-called burn-in samples and an additional 98,500 random draws