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Table 1 Comparison of the mean LOS based on demographic characteristics

From: Factors affecting length of stay in Children Hospital in Southern Iran

Characteristicsn (%)Median (IQR)P-value
GenderMale203 (58)3 (4–2)0.337
Female147 (42)3 (5–2)
Place of residenceUrban240 (68.6)3 (4–2)0.002
Village110 (31.4)3 (6–2)
Home townBandar Abbas208 (59.4)3 (4–2)0.003
Outside Bandar Abbas141 (40.3)3 (5–2)
  1. IQR Inter Quartile Range
  2. Missing data not entered in the table. So different numbers in the table are related to missing data