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Table 3 Descriptive statistics of the health care utilization 6 months before death for all people dying from colorectal cancer, and divided between those never married, married and previously married. Numbers are presented as mean (SD), and p-values are based on univariate regressions (same regressions as used in Table 4, without controlling for covariates)

From: Till death do us part: the effect of marital status on health care utilization and costs at end-of-life. A register study on all colorectal cancer decedents in Norway between 2009 and 2013

 AllNever married Married Previously married 
n = 7695n = 735n = 3601n = 3359 
Living arrangementsb
 Long term institutions27.39(61.33)36.25(68.41)rc10.11(38.56)***43.97(73.41)**
 Short term institutions16.43(30.15)17.62(31.42)rc12.55(26.72)***20.32(32.71)*
Secondary care
 Inpatient stays3.50(4.09)3.79(5.59)rc3.93(4.35) 2.96(3.28)***
 Outpatient consultations7.82(9.57)8.20(10.85)rc10.14(10.26)***5.25(7.67)***
Primary care
 General practitioner11.81(10.68)10.64(10.52)rc12.63(10.83)***11.19(10.48) 
 Energency care contacts1.53(2.06)1.51(2.26)rc1.45(2.07) 1.62(2.01)*
Home- and community-based care
 Practical assistance (hours)10.27(79.02)37.05(218.29)rc2.94(28.70)***12.27(52.83)**
 Nursing assistance (hours)52.69(133.73)56.88(121.76)rc44.32(130.61) 60.74(138.94) 
 Secondary care232,447(187,091)245,246(209,030)rc269,729(190,046)**189,678(169,036)***
 Primary care11,553(12,490)10,790(13,758)rc12,553(13,675)**10,601(10,653) 
 Home- and community-based care155,360(205,652)196,504(239,295)rc89,773(154,204)***216,669(223,944)*
 Total costs399,340(233,946)452,541(279,106)rc372,055(220,491)***416,948(233,507)**
  1. ap-values estimated using univariate regression models. We used the same models as in the multivariate models (see Table 4)
  2. bThe sum of days is higher than 180 since patients can have a nursing home place, while staying in hospital for treatment
  3. rc reference category
  4. * = p < 0.05, ** = p < 0.01, *** = p < 0.001