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Table 3 Estimated number of hypertensive persons and hypertension cases diagnosed in the Oblasts

From: Challenges and opportunities in the continuity of care for hypertension: a mixed-methods study embedded in a primary health care intervention in Tajikistan

Estimated prevalenceEstimated number hypertensiveaNumber diagnosed (%)Estimated prevalenceEstimated number hypertensiveNumber diagnosed (%)
 Males ≥20 yrs35%266,00019,968 (7.5%)36%262,00010,156 (3.9%)
 Females ≥20 yrs30%232,00031,292 (13.5%)34%293,00015,401 (5.3%)
 Total ≥ 20 yrs33%498,00051,260 (10.3%)35%555,00025,557 (4.6%)
  1. Sources: World Bank 2018 Household survey, DHIS2 for Oblast population numbers and registered as hypertensive in 2017
  2. a Hypertension = Elevated blood pressure (SBP ≥140 mmHg or DBP ≥90 mmHg)