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Table 2 Final multivariable logistic regression model of risk factors for ALC designation

From: Risk factors, costs and complications of delayed hospital discharge from internal medicine wards at a Canadian academic medical centre: retrospective cohort study

Significant risk factorsOdds ratio for ALC designation
OR (95% CI)
Age > =80 years2.80 (1.85–4.29)< 0.0001
Female1.52 (1.00–2.31)0.0496
Charlson Comorbidity
 Dementia3.40 (2.05–5.59)< 0.0001
 Diabetes with complications1.61 (1.02–2.53)0.0380
Allied health team in hospital
 Physiotherapy3.28 (1.76–6.28)0.0002
 Occupational therapy6.15 (3.83–10.16)< 0.0001
 Speech language pathology2.80 (1.57–4.89)0.0004